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Hexagon Home is Our Own Space

We purchased a track home that was untouched since 1994 when it was built.

I loved the bones of this home but had to make it our own while trying to please 4 different personalities. My husband likes light neutral colors, daughter prefers darks, son all about soccer and I love color, texture, and personality. We went with cohesive same finishes all throughout our home in case we decide to rent or sell in the future. Why hexagons, inspiration came from some half hex architectural details in the home. We added personality with different pops of color, textures that made our home welcoming. You can always add color with rugs, pillows, drapes, accessories, furniture and make it your own.

Welcome to my space where I recharge with my own family.

We love our home, it's lively, eclectic and very positive space that reflects all us.