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All clients whether is one time consultation for those in need of general advice, but prefer to implement their

project themselves without committing to more service,

or those in need of more guidance begin with this consultation.

Consultation without further commitment SAVES YOU MONEY AND TIME, it eliminates stress, gives you new perspective and plan of how to proceed and move forward.

Two hours filled with ideas, as we walk thru your home room by room. Decorative dilemmas, incorporating and refreshing your space with what you have, design/layout challenges, new furniture and accessory suggestions, paint colors, new materials decision, or any other issue that relates to your interiors I will help you solve during this time.

*Design consultation is in your home for up to 2 hours.

We can cover as many spaces you would like during that time. 

DRESS YOUR SPACE HOURLY after consultation


You pay by the hour for the services on a

"PAY AS YOU GO" basis.

NO CONTRACTS, NO RETAINERS or pressure to buy from certain vendors.

Interior styling services, sprucing up your home with existing items or new.

Floor planning, and furniture layouts.

Color and material selections.

Sourcing and shopping for furnishings in-person or online.

Sourcing for lighting and accessories in-person or online.

*Full Renovation Consulting available on hourly basis only.

I can collaborate with your contractors or refer you to once I know.

*Billable time includes any over 5 minutes electronic communication, phone calls, text and e-mail.

eDESIGN APPROACH to designing your space

Starting at $2.5k  per room

eDesign, is the approach perfect for clients that prefer to implement interior design themselves.

This gives you an opportunity to transform your home at your convenience with my guidance and expertise in a quick, simple and cost effective manner.

We will discuss scope, style and budget in person during your initial consultation or virtually(if out side of Las Vegas).

If we did not meet in the space you will send pictures of the space, rough space drawing with measurements, pictures of existing furniture that will stay and a few inspirational photos from Houzz, Pinterest or any source of your choice to get familiar with your style and your needs. 

Once agreed payment is received I will get started with your design.

Your e-mailed .PDF file will include:

Mood board and color palette illustrating the look and feel of the room.

Detailed floor plan with placement instructions.

Shopping list with direct links and the plan on how to proceed.

*Any design changes after your design .PDF file was sent will be billed hourly.


There are many different elements that will impact your budget,

size of your space, quality of labor and material, your style,

your decision making ability, etc.

Each project is unique, and must be treated as such.

Please feel free to call or email me with any further questions.


“An interior decorator can have a client with exquisite taste, a bottomless budget, endless time, outrageous sophistication, and totally motivated to work well together; but if there’s no synergy, it’s a non-starter, because good vibrations can’t be fabricated. The unpredictable spark with a client that inspires gorgeous work may be fickle, but it’s the source for what, in my experience, is the sin qua non of a knock-out residence.” 

~Kathryn M. Ireland 

(Timeless Interiors)